Nature Beach Resort

An affordable island getaway where the decadence of flashpackers can be fulfilled in spades, Nature Beach Resort takes advantage of its unrivaled beachfront location and serves as an ultimate destination with the perfect vibes for our “eat, play, rest” ethos.

Like no other

in Lonely Beach,

the resort features 60 individually standing bungalows along with a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and massage parlor, all of which sitting on a sizable plot of land (7-Rai) that commands a panoramic view of the ocean in the best way possible.

We opened

our door in 1999,

around the same time when the elephant-shaped island (yes, when seen aerially) of Koh Chang began to widen it piers to welcome traveler from all over the world, ushering in a new era of the second biggest island in Thailand after it had been designated “a national park” in 1982.

Thanks to the privilege of having come of age hand in hand with the island itself, our resort, which is nestled right in the heart of Lonely Beach, the last true sandy stretch on the island’s palm tree-fringed west coast famous for the tranquility of its seaside atmosphere and equally infamous for the tumult of its peppy nightlife, has come to be a familiar haunt offering a perfect combination between the two unmistakable slices of an island life that define the area : beach and fun.

Come to think of it, to say we have come a long way should not be an overstatement. When the resort first kicked off, only a total of 20 bungalows, all built with bamboo and thatch, were there, drawing predominantly to budget backpackers. Our rooms were downright no-frills, shower rooms shared, and lights generated by cranky electricity generators. Electric fans were a luxury and wifi, you bet, never yet heard of. Therefore, all that was left for our guests to do boiled down to literally bonding with nature and that’s exactly why the resort was given its name. Needless to say, the aforementioned halcyon days were real enchanting, serving more or less as the epitome of what the present-day concept of slow life is all about, and some of our resort’s erstwhile guests who revisit are fond of grumbling, nostalgically or not, that they miss Koh Chang as they came to know it 20 years ago. Granted, however, tourism-wise, as reality always calls for a fair share of adaptation for a business to survive in the whirlwind of pell-mell development once the destination it is part of suddenly happens to boom, the very thing that has befallen this very island over the past two decades, we have embraced change, convinced that our chosen direction will end up translating into better guest comfort and satisfaction. Nevertheless, we know in our heart that we have one job to do : to never forget what made us “Nature Beach” in the first place.

“Eat Play Rest” Ethos

Knowing that your ultimate beach escape will take 3 to tango, Nature Beach Resort brings a holistic trio of “eat, play, rest” to the table, making sure that we have got you covered for your next holiday in Koh Chang

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself putting on some holiday weight when you are staying at our resort. The resort’s own beachfront, sun-kissed bistro Nature Rocks is open all day long, serving authentic Thai cuisine along with scrumptious Western dishes and thirst-quenching drinks. You are guaranteed to be spoilt for choice with what our menu has in store for you. Staying at our resort, you may never have to think about where you will have to go for your next meal again. A hearty meal with a breathtaking view comes a happy mind with yet a happier stomach.

Once you have lined your stomach, it’s time for some fun. If there’s one thing that never disappoints, that is our matchless location. Nestled in the heart of Lonely Beach, our resort boasts direct access to the actual beach part, a popular spot crowded from sunrise to sundown with revelers. Being our guest, you can take advantage of being merely steps away from the water to enjoy a plethora of fun-filled activities, be it strolling down the beach, sunbathing, unwinding in our beachfront swimming pool, taking a dip half-naked in the sea, kayaking, paddle-boarding, or getting carried away by the postcard-perfect sunset of the day. Not enough? There is a vast
selection of organized day-trips around the island from snorkeling to elephant riding awaiting you. What fun.

At a time when more and more visitors in the forms of families and flash packers have begun to set foot in Lonely Beach, we are more ready than ever to welcome them with our facilities recently renovated to be in tune with the demographic shift of late and constantly spruced up to be au courant with the hospitality industry scene. Our accommodation is now much more comfortable than before, having evolved from bare-bones bamboo huts with thatched roofs when we began our business journey in 1999 into full-fledged air-conditioned bungalows packed with essential comforts that make for a relaxing stay. After a day well-spent in the tropical paradise, what’s gonna be better than having your own humble island abode to come back salted and wetted to? The resort now features 3 different room types including Budget Bungalow, Garden Bungalow, and Front Bungalows, plus Family House, offering various options that befit everyone’s preferences.

Beach vibes on point